Who’s running to beat Mike Turner (actual news instead of Dayton Dayton news)

The Dayton Daily news published a story today that was sloppy, lazy reporting. They listed a guy from Cincinnati as an opponent- who’s petitions have fatal flaws.
They didn’t actually list all the people who turned in. They didn’t give you any information about the candidates. And they wonder why so few people subscribe.

A list is easy to pull off the BOE website- what’s a little harder is making the calls to see what’s going on, or actually knowing anything about your subject matter.

Kirk Benjamin who ran last time in the four way primary was short a few signatures in Montgomery County but got some Greene County signatures to make it onto the ballot. He didn’t have a website last time- and didn’t campaign. (He did come into my office frequently to try to test his odd ideas on what campaign issues he thought were important- this was after our non-profit did a video interview with him). Apparently, Benjamin dropped out- updated 19 January 2024.

Amy Cox has a website up. She doesn’t live in the district (Yes- that’s legal, it’s what Niraj Antani is trying to do in OH-2). When I asked her why she wasn’t running against her Congressman, Warren Davidson, she said, “oh, that’s Vanessa Enochs race.” Actually, it happens to be a 3 way Democratic race between Enoch, Nathaniel Hawkins and David E. Gelb if Enoch and Hawkins signatures are certified on the second. Gelb is certified. You can see the Butler County report here.

It was interesting looking at the Hamilton County Candidate report- where they actually attempt to inform the public- showing who was filed, who is pending, who failed. A very nice change from Montgomery County’s den of inequity.

Here are 3 examples of reports:

Which BOE report is more informative? Should be obvious.

I’ve filed- and my petitions are recommended for approval. My site is www.electesrati.com I won the 4 way primary last time, and got zero support from the Democratic party which apparently, doesn’t believe in election results.

Manual Foggie of Cincinnati filed as a carpetbagger, and his petitions are flawed.

Joseph S. Kuzniar filed and his petitions have been approved. He’s a retired AF Lt. Colonel, and is very focused on why the WPAFB library is closed. He’s in his 80’s – and I had to help him get his petitions to fill out. I doubt he’ll have a website.

Tony Pombo lives in Beavercreek, and turned in enough signatures. According to searches he runs a company called “Circuits Alive” out of his house. Attempts to contact him via his google voice assistant were denied. Emails were not responded to. Based on the technical execution of his business website (which is unsecure) he won’t have an online presence.

Mike Turner has no Republican opposition in the primary- and will probably continue his long track record of never meeting with voters in person.

While his deadline to turn in his 2890+ signatures isn’t until the day before the primary, Michael Harbaugh, who owns the Wild Banana food truck and has a website up: https://www.harbaugh4congress.com/ is planning on running as an independent in November.

All boards of elections will meet on January 2nd to officially certify the petitions.

It is my plan to organize candidate forums in Clark, Greene and Montgomery counties over the next three months so voters can ask questions of the candidates- they will be filmed and livestreamed. More details to come.

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