Who’s buying Mike Turner this time?

 Go to this site for an up-to-date list of PACs funding Congressman Mike:

ATR: Get Active – Welcome to takeaction.atr.org
Political Action Committee Contributions: 2007-2008 Campaign Cycle
Total 2007-2008 campaign contributions: $53,760

and for an even more illuminating look, see who gave him money last time:

ATR: Get Active – Welcome to takeaction.atr.org
Political Action Committee Contributions: 2005-2006 Campaign Cycle
Total 2005-2006 campaign contributions: $439,167

Which includes:


These are the same people who paid his wife money to do work for them… hmmmm…. conflict of interest? Is Mike Turner the sales office for Turner Effect in Washington?

The “Americans for Tax Reform” give Turner a 96% rating– which means he’s very high on the right wing bozo scale. Only Boehner and Portman scored 100% from Ohio.

You only have one choice for a PAC free candidate on March 4-  David Esrati in OH-3.

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Wonder how much of a “Bridge to nowhere” that kind of money would buy?

Drexel Dave
David Esrati
David Esrati

I’m leaving Drexel’s link up-
I didn’t have anything to do with it.
I don’t agree with the message- but, it is a free country (still).


Very good David: direct contribution from Home Depot PAC to Turners campaign in the 2004-2006 cycle.

When you start looking into this stuff…the contributions and possible quid pro quos there is no place to stop, it’s a total can of worms with Turner.

Theresa Gasper
Theresa Gasper

David, David, David. When, oh when, will you stop slamming Turner and spending all of your time scrutinizing whatever he and anyone related to him in any way is doing? Shouldn’t you be taking ACTION of your own, ACCOMPLISHING something other than the constant flow of negativity? Don’t you get tired of it?

You cannot be on top of your own game if all you do is watch your opponent. Guess what? ALL candidates have to raise money and it sucks the way some of them do it – but unless and until SOMEONE figures out why they’re willing to spend millions of dollars for a job that only pays $250k – it’s going to keep happening.

Get out an DO something positive for this town. Develop a track record other than spewing your venom on this blog for the past three years. I hate to say it my friend, but the only thing you’re known for ever doing in this town is showing up at a Commission meeting wearing a black mask. Even you are tired of hearing about it.

Give the people of the 3rd District a reason to vote FOR you, not AGAINST Turner.

Drexel Dave

When their actions are indefensible, they always attack the messenger.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Drexel said if for me.
I think you’ve missed all the good ideas on this site.
I think you’ve also overlooked what I’ve done in this community- starting with bringing back 5 buildings without asking for any government assistance (I admit- I did take the matching money in Rehabarama 1 to do some major rehab.)
I thought of, and founded South Park Social Capital.
I was president for 2 terms.
I’ve volunteered thousands of hours riding on trash trucks, fixing others homes, cleaning up the neighborhood- often before working on my own.
Mike Turner likes to take credit for things he marginally did- and a lot he didn’t do.
This stuff with his wifes firm isn’t minor chickenscratch- it’s a major ethics violation.
I’m not making this up.
Watch what happens to your golden boy.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Theresa, If the DDN did their job, then David and others would be working on things productive for Dayton. If the Region did not use taxpayer dollars to line the pockets of Developers and over build, then South Park would be a hit instead of “a bath.” We need to get these type of people out of the system for us to go forward


Nice little attack post by Theresa Gasper. Why is she so defensive of Mike Turner?

gene II

David I just do not get it ….your objective in this campain is to take the money out of politics, however, you re in advertising……….and is that so people such as yourself who will not be backed by the “big money” have that snowballs chance in winning????

David Esrati
David Esrati

Gene II,
Because I believe in the power of the Internet- and people.
I believe that a well communicated platform- with good ideas- along with serious political debate can triumph over evil money grubbing con men.
Call me an optimist.
Or, maybe I still believe people can make good decisions.
We’ll see if a modern David can beat Goliath.