Who is winning the war?

I’ve refrained from stepping outside the boundaries of what I can affect on this site.
Today- I felt like coloring outside the lines.
Times have changed. When Richard Nixon was connected to the attempt to wiretap the Democratic National Headquarters, he resigned the presidency in disgrace.
Now, we have President Bush circumventing a secret court, specifically created to allow him to wiretap at will, to hunt down terrorists and keep us “safe.”
Which brings me to ask- if they can’t find Osama Bin Laden, with a 25 million dollar bounty on his head-
And if they can’t catch and prosecute spammers-
What is the excuse for skipping the secret court to do it legally?
The most amazing part of this whole fighting the “Global war on terror” is that the most terrifying thing to me is that we Americans are losing the very liberties, checks and balances and common sense that make America the land that I love.
How the “leaders in Washington” can be discussing things like gay marriage while American men and women are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan makes me ill. Please note- I support our troops, I just don’t support our policies.
We can spend another 500 billion in Iraq and turn our country into a third world nation- or we can dump the idiots in office who are afraid to back out of a fight that isn’t ours to fight. The only problem with George W. Bush resigning is that the Vice President is even more dangerous.
Since when was it the American taxpayer’s responsibility to re-build another country while our people are suffering?
It’s time to make the hard decision on Iraq- and realize it is another Vietnam.
I’ve heard some stupid justifications for the war- but what people don’t understand is that terrorists don’t fight wars- they fight for a top-of-mind awareness- and by continuing to use them as justification for this 500 billion dollar war- our government has given them more power than they could ever exert on their own-
The terrorists are winning by losing- and we’re just losing.
What do you think?

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