Who is sleeping with the vultures in City Hall?

In the grand rush to do anything that looks like progress the City Commission is in a rush to do a deal with IRG, the same people who just took the Moraine GM truck plant for chump change.

A source tells me that the city is due revenues from UPS for the former Emery Air Freight building at the airport for 8 years.

If the city commission approves the deal next week- UPS pays IRG $5 million to take over the deal, and then IRG pays the city $3 million- netting the vultures a cool $2 million right away- with no long use plan in place for this facility.

Later- IRG can walk away- leaving the city with a building- and IRG with a pocket full of UPS cash.

Granted, the city should never have been in the real estate business in the first place- but, until this nation stops expecting taxpayers to subsidize mega corporations with corporate welfare- that’s how we’ll roll.



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I sincerely hope that this isn’t true for Dayton area, but I am aware of ‘redevelopment firms’ that have purchased other sites under the pretext of redevelopment, then sell the scrap for big bucks and never quite get to the redevelopment stage, leaving half-finished, or worse, projects for the city/cities to figure out how to clean-up.
It’s a sad day when things like that happen.


Yes it is, Mark, a sad day when the greed in the world keeps growing stronger!  I want a decent life, too, but who needs millions of dollars to survive, I certainly don’t.
I also suspect, as posted already, there is a rat behind the development of First and Patterson Roads, forcing Club 88 to the wolves!  Isn’t there a new building there already, Relizon, or close by?  What businesses are in that building?  Has it helped Dayton’s economy?  Has the ball park?


I hear the Board of Elections Absentee Dept. sent out the wrong ballots to hundreds of homes, costing taxpayers thousands. The rumor is they are on drugs. Can anyone say DRUG TESTING ! Who is in charge there?

Kettering firebird
Kettering firebird

Good lord, more board of elections stuff.  It is a girls club operation we already know about it.  The deputy director gets her republican absentee department manager to make up lies about the staff she and the girls club don’t like.  In return the deputy director (Betty) overlooks her criminal record and numerous other work problems.  It is a standard corrupt political move.  I feel bad for the staff that the republican deputy director has harassed over the years using this same republican absentee dept manager and this same tactic.  I bet even more comes out about this office.  

Civil Servants Are People, Too
Civil Servants Are People, Too

@Mark – IRG is the real deal.  Look them up.  I don’t know the details, but it’s not unusual for a corporation like UPS to pay a premium to get a building off their books.  That money will allow them to make renovations and do marketing, etc.   Airport projects probably have FAA requirements too.  Whether or not it’s a good deal is debatable, but it seems better than NO deal,   Yes, you are correct that the scrap companies destroy any value these older properties might have left.   However IRG is not one of them.
@Gary – the building on Patterson has WorkflowOne and Deloitte.   It was built about 10 years ago now.    According to WHIO there are hundreds of jobs in the building, although Workflow is working through a bankruptcy filing.   I can see why people complain about a club where people get into brawls.
@Mr. Esrati, the fact that you’re just now hearing about it, doesn’t mean it was done in a rush.    That’s the nature of development.  Deals that go public too soon usually go bad.


CSAPT – the last sentence of the 2009 story you linked to reads “The police reported the incident happened at Club 88, but that was incorrect.”


If the director would have been in the office, WORKING, instead on one of his “paid by the county” vacations. Maybe this would not have happened. Why does Harsman continue to go on these unneccesary trips? While the county is threating to lay people off? I guess the rules are different for the BOE!

David Lauri

Wow, talk about misleading.  Linking to an article about Club 44 (hint that the article is about Club 44 and not the 88 Club? The article’s headline: “Police use Taser to break up “large” fight at Club 44”), at 1919 N. Main St, hoping people will be too lazy to click your link and thus will believe your false claim that the article is about the 88 Club, at 219 N. Patterson Blvd., could lead people to discount anything you say, CSAPT.  Good catch, Allison!

Kettering firebird
Kettering firebird

I have a new source at the board of elections fyi.  I just got some solid info that the “betty’s girls club” runs deep.  She protected a notorious racist republican that should have been fired a long time ago.  I also got some info on how they screwed the voters bad one election a few years ago.  I am verifying the story about this racist staff member a swastika tatoo and a employee party at a Jewish families house!  This story is really bad if it is true and I have no doubt it is.  More to come later on that story. 

Staff there also says many of them have been emotionally abused by the deputry director (Betty) who loves to tell them “mcdonalds is hiring” as a way to intimidate them.  Is that legal anyone?  The staff at this place are really hurting.  [redacted for a personal attack}

Former Admin
Former Admin

The board of elections deputy director and director would humiliate staff in front of other staff by telling them taco bell or mcdonalds is hiring to degrade them and keep them in fear of losing their jobs.  The sad thing is one of the four board members is Tom Ritchie, a union boss that is supposed to care for workers.  He has no problem with the staff being abused by management and management paying themselves huge salaries on the backs of the workers in this office, what a joke.  I look forward to the day when this office is finally gutted and we don’t have to keep exposing this stuff. 

Dayton’s future is going to require huge political changes.  They are not going to happen with criminals running the office that handles elections.


The Director has received a 35% increase in salery over a 6 year period. Not including Bonus and overtime payments. WTF!!!!! Who is running the Board Of Elections!!!!!!Good Job Ritchie, did you approve this? Now people are losing their jobs. Your a true union man huh?

Civil Servants Are People, Too
Civil Servants Are People, Too

Sorry, my bad.  I googled 88 Club and that article came up.    An honest mistake, no conspiracy here.   I’m sure Mr. Esrati can edit that out.
Still, Dayton is clearly not too happy with them….

Former Admin
Former Admin

Just FYI I have some good information on the director Steve Harsman and board member Tom Ritchie for the board of elections crowd.  I will get it together and post it.  It explains some of the reasons Harsman was not fired a long time ago.