Who is sleeping with the vultures in City Hall?

In the grand rush to do anything that looks like progress the City Commission is in a rush to do a deal with IRG, the same people who just took the Moraine GM truck plant for chump change.

A source tells me that the city is due revenues from UPS for the former Emery Air Freight building at the airport for 8 years.

If the city commission approves the deal next week- UPS pays IRG $5 million to take over the deal, and then IRG pays the city $3 million- netting the vultures a cool $2 million right away- with no long use plan in place for this facility.

Later- IRG can walk away- leaving the city with a building- and IRG with a pocket full of UPS cash.

Granted, the city should never have been in the real estate business in the first place- but, until this nation stops expecting taxpayers to subsidize mega corporations with corporate welfare- that’s how we’ll roll.



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