What to do this Friday night?

Well, I’ve got three choices- and one is going to win.

  • Go to Bike Night at F&S Harley Davidson with members of VOB108 and be Biker David.
  • Go to Urban Nights and be Metrosexual David.
  • Go to Cadillac Jacks in Beavercreek and watch the Dayton Bombers play game 7 of the semi-finals against the Florida Everblades and be Sports fan David.

And, the winner: has to be watch the Bombers play. Game 7’s of hockey playoffs, even over streaming internet- are one of the most amazing things in professional sports- and for a hockey fan- it’s like crack.

The Dayton Bombers are the real deal- underdogs from the beginning of the season- who worked hard to get where they are. This group of guys is doing the impossible- and playing their hearts out. If they win- we get the Kelly Cup playoffs in Dayton next week- and I’ll be there at every game.

While, I don’t expect all of you to share my excitement about this- I hope you all keep your fingers crossed starting at 7:30pm and hope they bring us the championship series next week.

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