What to do this Friday night?

Well, I’ve got three choices- and one is going to win.

  • Go to Bike Night at F&S Harley Davidson with members of VOB108 and be Biker David.
  • Go to Urban Nights and be Metrosexual David.
  • Go to Cadillac Jacks in Beavercreek and watch the Dayton Bombers play game 7 of the semi-finals against the Florida Everblades and be Sports fan David.

And, the winner: has to be watch the Bombers play. Game 7’s of hockey playoffs, even over streaming internet- are one of the most amazing things in professional sports- and for a hockey fan- it’s like crack.

The Dayton Bombers are the real deal- underdogs from the beginning of the season- who worked hard to get where they are. This group of guys is doing the impossible- and playing their hearts out. If they win- we get the Kelly Cup playoffs in Dayton next week- and I’ll be there at every game.

While, I don’t expect all of you to share my excitement about this- I hope you all keep your fingers crossed starting at 7:30pm and hope they bring us the championship series next week.

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Drexel Dave

Am I the only one who finds it highly ironic that the main musical entertainment at this “walk on the creative side” is a cover band that doesn’t even right its own songs?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Drexel- they should have you – you write the wrong songs?


You would think the Downtown Dayton Partnership and the Convention Schedule, who both ostensibly want to encourage locals to visit downtown, would compare notes and schedule events such as Urban Nights and Day 1 of World A’Fair on DIFFERENT weekends.

They do this all the time — several weeks of virtually nothing noteworthy and then *bam* two or three crowd-draw’ing events in the same approximate location at the same time.

David Esrati
David Esrati

We’ve just updated servers- so BillMan’s comment didn’t make it to the new server:
Drexel Dave:

They “right” their own songs, man. They are undubitably rightous.

“Bad Spellers of the World: Untie!”

Bruce Kettelle

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David Esrati
David Esrati

server upgrade- permissions failure- working on it.

Drexel Dave

LOL. That would make a great T-shirt David! Yes, I too misspell like the rest of uns. The Internet has been the great revealer of first drafts. However, in this age of copyright ubiquity, perhaps we might think of changing the concept of “writing” a song to “righting” a song’s digital content.

Hey, I shot some video from Friday night’s show for all of you who couldn’t attend at the FABULOUS (if you haven’t been there you must go) Artifact Vintage Gallery, located at 502 Wayne Ave. just across the street from Cocos:

Do Not Mess With Oprah Winfrey (number 68 on Youtube yesterday!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfnIeicBR2w

Cheese break (pay close attention to the pitch for commercial pitches David): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Epd7CaVDOuY

The Summer of Nothin:

And finally, our sound check:


Artifact is the place to go if one want to furnish one’s Huber Heights All Brick Ranch with things from the same period one’s house is from (or a Dayton Towers aparment, too).