What is Dayton’s message and who are our ambassadors?

It’s a new year- and it’s time for some new ideas. Sure, Monday, Gary Leitzell gets sworn in as Mayor of Dayton, but Dayton city isn’t Dayton greater. Who is our champion and where will they take us?

In a roundabout way, Greg Hunter and David Esrati talk about what our best foot forward should and could be in Dayton Grassroots Daily Show we call “Dayton ambassadors.”


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Drexel Dave Sparks
Drexel Dave Sparks

C’mon, a little gunfire in the air is one of the things that makes Dayton “special”.


I agree about the gunfire.  We had an idiot empty a clip from his front porch and then went inside and got a shotgun.  Hearing shot skitter off your house is not a fun thing.   Even more fun was arguing with the 911 operator trying to get her to send a police officer when she could clearly hear the shotgun fire in the background.  I guess since I live in the drug “contained” area, no one wants to show up.

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

I’ve called police before with people fighting in the alley outside my house. Their only concern was that no one had a gun. Cops never showed up.

Ice Bandit

  Can any true Daytonian resist the urge, as the clock approaches midnite of the new year, to grab his iron, flip it to rock and roll, and send a couple of clips of 5.56 into the dark Ohio sky? Call the cops? Only if we thought they would bring us more ammo. As Drexel Dave alludes, what a very Dayton thing to do………

Steve Varner
Steve Varner

WOW. I live in Beavercreek Township, and we had our mailbox get dented (could have been by a car or some idiot). I just simply wanted to ask if anyone else had reported damaged mailboxes, they said no and practically insisted on sending an officer out to write up a report.