What does a Mike Turner for Congress yard sign mean?

Last night, Congressman Mike Turner had at least one team in East Dayton putting yard signs in yards with a door hanger thanking the home owner for supporting Mike Turner- without permission.

I know this because I’ve gotten calls and e-mails from ticked off friends who wouldn’t vote for Turner unless a million dollars was about to be deposited in their Swiss Bank accounts.

If Sharen Neuhardt, his opponent in OH-10,  had a campaign worth a wooden nickle, they’d be offering a sign replacement service- guaranteed within 8 hours, we’ll pick up your Turner sign and replace it with a Neuhardt sign.

I know my campaign would have been doing that.

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I’ve been getting a lot of Romney/Ryan fliers with my name on them (not just “Resident” and my address). All I can think is, “what in the world did I accidentally sign to bring this mess to my door?!”