Wacko mail

Photo of Wacko Mail addressed to David EsratiFor years I’ve gotten bizzaro mail from someone who likes to pose as other people. The same bad handwriting, odd, ransom note type cut and paste jobs, often mailed with a Cincinnati cancellation on the stamp.

Most of the time there isn’t a return address, but on occasion it’s someone I know, or someone I’ve heard of. Sometimes it has newspaper clippings in the envelope- sometimes there are things taped on the back from a newspaper… it varies. One time he even sent me a dollar- I’d like more of those please.
None of it makes sense, is funny, or even cute. Sometimes the messages border on hate mail. The Postal inspectors don’t want to give you the time of day- unless there is an overt threat.

None of this bothers me. What bothers me, is that he sometimes sends other people mail with my name as the return address- and that the people who get it- actually think I have time to write crap like this.

At the Greek fest this year, I ran into someone from my home town (she knows who she is) who thought I’d been sending her mail. I told her I had a ton of it- and planned to write something about it on this site (so, I procrastinated a bit- don’t shoot me) and see if we can collectively figure out who this wack job is.

If you’ve gotten mail from me- and it’s not on my Next Wave letterhead- contact me.

I know that both the Mayor and the Downtown Dayton Partnership have received mailings (both replied to me). There are probably others.

To whoever it is that’s doing this- get a life. And, I dare you to print this out and send it to me- and sign your name.

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