Wacko mail update- Reward!

I’ve posted before about my wacko mail. I’m not the only one who gets it- Larry Jaffe at Jaffe Jewelers is also one of the frequent targets. Never mind, Mayors, heads of quasi-government organizations, restaurant owners the list goes on. This is part of what I wrote a while back:

Wacko mail at Esrati
For years I’ve gotten bizzaro mail from someone who likes to pose as other people. The same bad handwriting, odd, ransom note type cut and paste jobs, often mailed with a Cincinnati cancellation on the stamp.

It’s started up again. So, here are some clues Larry and I have put together- if you know someone who you think fits this profile, let me know.


  • Male, Age 55-65
  • Lives in Oakwood now.
  • Comes from money (or has it now)
  • Get the NYT on Sunday.
  • Has some reason to travel to Oregon (some clippings from the Oregonian).
  • Went to Fairview High School
  • Gets the Dayton Jewish Observer, but may not be Jewish.
  • Has been to Australia.
  • Does business in Cincinnati (or travels there frequently)
  • Makes the rounds of the better restaurants (Carvers, Pine Club, Oakwood Club, Madisons)
  • Has a photo copier
  • Has juvenile handwriting

Any suggestions? I may make it worth your while.

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16 Responses

  1. Pedro September 17, 2007 / 2:37 pm
    Mind if I ask how you came to specific conclusions about age, alma mater, current location and favorite resturants?
  2. David Esrati September 17, 2007 / 2:48 pm

    From content in the numerous pieces of mail, postmarks, people that are mentioned, triangulating on 5 years of data. Are we wrong on something? I could also mention that they have access to Viagra samples.

  3. Bruce Kettelle September 17, 2007 / 2:49 pm
    Don’t tell David. Your ‘Wacko’ may be reading this. In fact maybe Pedro is the Wacko. Do I get my reward now?
  4. D. Greene September 17, 2007 / 3:42 pm
    It was Colonel Mustard, in the parlor.
  5. David Esrati September 17, 2007 / 4:04 pm

    You are all suspect.

  6. Jeff September 17, 2007 / 5:53 pm
    Why would they send this to a jewler? Public figures, yes, they would attract the cranks, but jewlers and restauranteers?
  7. David Esrati September 17, 2007 / 6:24 pm

    Jeff- you ask me to explain the rantings of a mad man?
    Who has that kind of time- and money? We’re talking literally hundreds of letters, all of which require a stamp, envelope, copies, time and hand addressing.

  8. S. Michael September 17, 2007 / 11:34 pm
    Wow, this sort of stuff really happens? If it wasn’t so creepy, I’d wish it happened to me for the sheer hilarity of it all. Good luck in your pursuit of justice!
  9. Pedro September 18, 2007 / 10:13 am
    I asked because there is a guy in the East Dayton area that has been sending out weird, rambling letters for years about a radio device that has been placed in his back molars and how his estranged family is covertly dialed in to the international drug trade. He is kind of a running joke amongst many folks in Belmont. You haven’t arrived until you have made his correspondence. This guy puts his name on all his letters though. He could, however, very easily have an alter ego that sends out these ransom style notes.
  10. Drexel Dave September 18, 2007 / 11:47 am
    I have arrived. I have gotten one of those insane letters from the back molar man.

    I have gotten more, much creepier ones though, from an insane local musician who was very upset that people would actually show up and pay to see my band, while his talents went misunderstood.

  11. David Esrati September 18, 2007 / 11:47 am

    I’ve missed that mailing list.
    The ones I get aren’t rambling- and they aren’t funny or entertaining.

  12. J.R. Locke September 20, 2007 / 1:32 am
    Sounds a lot like ratf__king. Are Ehrlichman and Haldeman still at it?
  13. David Esrati March 21, 2008 / 10:26 am

    Got two more pieces this week-
    one return address:
    Esrati 4 Mayor 635 Far Hills Blvd. Dayton OH 45419 addressed to “Concerned Citizen”
    and a multi-page rant from “Esratiti for Congress” with a return address of 435 Patterson Dayton OH 45419″ which is the address of the Oakwood Register. It’s addressed to “Registered voter” and has a bit about Turner and his wifes sweetheart contract and federal racketeering charges- and some strangeness about a “Dayton Girl’s Story” including “McLin must go!” at the bottom.
    Someone still needs a life.

  14. Gene March 21, 2008 / 1:01 pm
    at least you get mail :)
  15. Bruce Kettelle March 21, 2008 / 9:47 pm
    Maybe this guy is belatedly trying out for the position of campaign manager.

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