Voters of Dayton, please vote today, 4 May as if your future depended on it.

As a reminder- polls are open until 7:30 PM.

Bring ID.

And if you had ranked choice voting, as we plan to collect signatures this summer to place on the fall ballot (where charter changes below) my recommendations would be as follows for Dayton City Commission:

  1. Shenise Turner Sloss
  2. Jared Grandy
  3. Darryl Fairchild
  4. BLANK- or Jordan Wortham
  5. BLANK- or Valerie Duncan
  6. BLANK-  or Scott Sliver
  7. BLANK- or Stacy Benson Taylor

For Mayor:

  • Gary Leitzell
  • BLANK- or Rennes Bowers
  • BLANK- or Jeff Mims

Voting for Mims, Sliver or Benson Taylor is effectively voting to keep the status quo in charge- with both Shaw and Joseph still in office, it only takes one more additional vote from the three party people to keep the monarchy in power. If you want the people to be in charge instead of the people from the back room, vote for anyone else.

For the Charter Amendments:

Vote YES for new hiring practices for firefighters and police, vote YES for keeping utilities public:

Shall the Charter of the City of Dayton, Ohio be amended by revising Section 97 to allow for police and firefighter recruit appointments to be selected from a larger group of applicants? YES

Shall the Charter of the City of Dayton, Ohio be amended by enacting Section 190 to declare the City’s water system to be a public utility that shall not be leased or transferred to private ownership or control? YES

Any other charter changes they want to make- they can come back at a general election, when everyone votes- and put them on the ballot. It’s easy for the commission to put issues on the ballot- it’s very hard for citizens.



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