Unofficial candidates for OH-10

Until the Board of Elections rules on Tuesday, January 3rd, this is the unofficial list of candidate for the OH-10 race.

10th Congressional District
REP John D. Anderson  6904 Joseph Dr. Enon 45323
REP Edward Focke Breen  213 Ernshaw Dr. Kettering 45429
DEM David Esrati  113 Bonner St. Dayton 45410
DEM Olivia Freeman  22 W. Goodman Dr. Apt-24 Fairborn 45324
LIB  David A. Harlow  2243 Keenan Ave. Dayton 45414
DEM Thomas F. McMasters  6934 Sylmar Ct. Huber Heights 45424
DEM Sharen Swartz Neuhardt  4625 U.S. Route 68 North Yellow Springs 45387
DEM Ryan Steele  1421 Meadow Moor Dr. Beavercreek 45434
REP Michael R. Turner ~ 5815 Stone Lake Dr. Kettering 45429 (INCUMBENT)
DEM L. Mack VanAllen  220 Kimbary Dr. Centerville 45458

So we have 3 Republicans, 1 Libertarian and 6 Democrats. The Libertarian, if his signatures are good, doesn’t have to appear in a primary.

McMasters and Neuhardt weren’t in the running last time around:

Which should make you wonder a bit about why they decided they want to run now?

Neuhardt is an attorney and partner at Thompson Hine, and ran previously in the 7th: against Austria and lost. As an attorney she will be the belle of the ball, but if she couldn’t beat Austria, it’s unlikely that she’ll beat Turner. For some reason, we seem to think that attorneys make good politicians when anyone with a brain would see that’s what got us into the mess we’re in. She spent $855K to get 42% of the vote in a race for an open seat.  I don’t believe anyone can win by outspending Turner- or even trying to come close. It’s time for an unconventional candidate and campaign to take a shot.

McMasters is a whole other ball of wax. I don’t have time to analyze his site- so maybe some of you can help: It says it’s done with the approval of his wife. There may be a problem in that he filed as a DEM but says he’s a REP on his site. He’s retired USAF and the father of 5 according to his bio, to which I can’t directly link (fails web 2.0 standards).

Either way, with Austria out, Turner has a much higher probability of winning than he did when we last turned in petitions, making me wonder if the Statehouse-forced re-petition deal was engineered to give Turner more time to work a deal with Austria to clear the path. If this doesn’t reek of election tampering, I don’t know what does.

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Direct link for McMaster’s BIO page:


independent candidates need signatures from 1% of the voters in the previous election. By filing in the primary Harlow avoids that onerous effort.


Maybe I could give you some internet lessons ;-)

David Lauri

David E wonders, “There may be a problem in that he [McMasters] filed as a DEM but says he’s a REP on his site.”
Actually, David, McMasters clearly states on his site, in a post dated 12 Dec 2011:

I may be running as a Democrat this election but I wouldn’t mind if the Republicans put up a serious candidate so that we voters had an alternative to Mr. Obama.

David Lauri

Something else interesting about McMasters is that he at one time had a site,, when he was living in New York.  That site is no longer active but is still viewable on the Internet Archive.  From the December 2, 2000 archive of is this fun quote:

Well, the election is over and the real objective of my site was finally exposed. I’m happy to say we achieved our goal of getting Hilary elected. The staff here at is proud of all the votes we ciphered from the Republicans and are absolutely positive we made the difference in getting our girl into office.

David Lauri

One last comment about McMasters — he seems not to understand the fair use provisions of U.S. copyright law. On both his current site and his old site McMasters posts a notice that says:

This Entire Site is Copyright © 2008 © 2009 and © 2010 by The McMasters Under Title Ten of the U.S Code One and only one specific passage of up to 150 continuous words may be used in news or other articles or commentary provided the author is notified and provided access to any such commentary or article. Otherwise, No Part May be Reproduced Without Express Permission

McMasters seems to think he’s allowed to decide how much of his site may be quoted and that he’s allowed to require that anyone quoting his site notify him.
Now I’ve quoted from two different McMasters sites, so perhaps McMasters won’t sue me for copyright infringement, but I decline to provide him notification that I’ve quoted him, so then again perhaps he will.
I’m no lawyer, so I can’t offer him legal advice as to whether he’d prevail in any suit alleging that I’ve violated his copyright, but Wikipedia (which Dan comments elsewhere on is not “a source you would use on a research paper” but is still “fairly unbiased”) says on its page about fair use that the idea that “You can deny fair use by including a disclaimer” is a “common misunderstanding” and that “Fair use rights take precedence over the author’s interest.”
Another site that McMasters might want to read to learn about fair use is Stanford University’s Copyright & Fair Use website, specifically Chapter 9 on Fair Use.

Tom McMasters


No worries, though the internal pages of your reference should lead you to the realization others have successfully enforced the copyright statement found on my pages, your fear of my being offended or concerned about your posting is misguided.

I was too cheap to pay’s prices when my 10 year subscription to ran out but it is still available within the website  found here 

Be forwarned it starts with this statement (excuse me if I fall to make sure the quote is less than 150 words); “Not sure how much longer my van is going to last but it’s running really good still. So it looks like I’m going to have to live with people thinking I’m running for Senate for awhile longer yet. Kind of proves that I’m not all that bright. Back in 1999 I thought I would try and be a little funny with Hillary getting the free ride from the Democratic party of New York. And if you want to see Tom humor you can still click on the Original Button to the left. Mind you it is dated now.”

Note:  I’m not sure the archive page you reference is still available.  It was probably a frontpage at one time that got written over.  Thanks for finding it – I enjoyed reading the whole page once again brought back good memories.  Sometimes I forget that I was a fat old man even back in 1999.

I also have another website that I used in my run for Huber Hieghts city council.  I’ve now turned that into “Citizen interested in City Council” website.

Neither of these sites is my intended campaign website.  Though when I started I composed pages by writing the code.  You may notice I hadn’t progressed past my 2002 version of Frontpage.  Last week I downloaded a free trial version of Dreamweaver – hoping to be able to design to be as professional as Mr. Esrati’s.  I’m not progressing very quickly.  

Additionally, let me mention that this is the first time I’ve been on this site and I’m impressed with the content as well as the format.


Tom McMasters

Eventually will lead you to a serious site meant to get me votes for congress.  So I really should do what I am about to do.  But David got me running around my old site and it tickled me so much I just had to post it:  This time I am for sure breaking my 150 word limit. The book and website are the property of Marylin D McMasters who’s express permission is required to alter or add any material within it’s content. The contents of these pages are derived from conversations between MDM and her husband (more often referred to as tfm) in which tfm expresses his perception of the world. No premise these perceptions remotely reflect reality for anyone other than tfm is either written or implied. All accounts given by the author accurately reflect the perceptions of tfm during the period of time of composition and only during that time. The author concedes many details deemed important by others are often discarded and may lead to conclusions not shared by the masses. The author reserves the right to change any opinion stated herein without regard to degree or initial philosophy. Occasionally, new factors change the previously held paradigms. Tfm may or may not update any opinion or essay to match his current perception regardless of extent of difference between the varying opinions. Therefore, changes herein may show a 180 degree swing from the original statement. Also, significant concept development may occur without proper reflection recorded in this document. Tfm reserves the right to maintain multiple and conflicting opinions on the same subject and to state those opinions without regard or consistency to statements made either previously or in the future.   Since the first two sections of this book reflect only perceptions, there is no attempt to assure accuracy of data. All numbers stated within the covers of this document can be presumed to be inaccurate. In fact, the chapter on stocks purports modest losses covered by interest earned on other investments. In reality some evidence surfaced indicating even less talent at choosing stocks. In order… Read more »

Tom McMasters

David [Lauri], On 14 Dec 2011 I was certified to run in the Democratic Party in the 8th District.  Later that day, like you, my petitions were invalidated and I was told to go out and reaccomplish.  In the redistricting HH moved from the 8th district to the 10th (note David Harlow (L) also choose to file in the 10th).  Though as you pointed out in one of your other posts I could have filed again in the 8th (note you mistakenly state that a requirement is that person must be a resident of the state for 7 years when in fact the reference you site tells ” a United States citizen for at least seven years and an inhabitant of the state he or she represents” which is different than being a resident of the state for seven years ( I knew you were mistaken but I had to chech since I’ve only been in the state since 2006). Below is an email chain between the Secretary of States office and myself concerning my eligibility to run in the Democratic primary.   Note:  2 years ago when I ran in the Republican Primary and again this year I have been completely open about the fact that I believe I am an independent that believes that if more people participated in the primary process we would get better and more moderate candidates.  Though I don’t know any of the power brokers in either party I do feel that there is enough good ideas in both to make me comfortable saying I can align with either and enough bad implementation by the power brokers to make it so I would not be welcome in either.  I do have a proposal for a “non-affiliated” primary as well. Email trail: Mr. McMasters, As an initial matter, please understand that this office cannot provide you with any legal advice. You may want to seek advice from your own legal counsel to determine how these statutes apply to your individual situation. However, I can provide you with a resource that we make available to candidates generally. The Secretary of State’s office publishes a Candidate Requirement Guide each year… Read more »

Tom McMasters

Someday I will learn to proof read before hitting submit.


Tom, this site uses WordPress. It could be considered a “template” for a website. It’s very popular (especially with political candidates who put up a token website during their campaign … this isn’t directed towards David, who uses this all the time or even you, as you’ve had a site, or sites, already).

Tom McMasters

My letter from Montgomery County came today.  Looks like I made the primary ballot.

Good luck David – good sentiment in your article on Iran.


J Dziwulski
J Dziwulski

I know Sharon Neuhardt…met her on the Canal Society of Ohio tour this past fall.  Her husband is active in the society and organized the tour.  He and I also corresponded online about my posts on Dayton history and such, including feeding me some historic pix he collected of the canal route. 

Good guy.  I figure his wife is OK too.  Didnt know they are Democrats.