UniGov- a hot topic since 1967?

Thomas Suddes makes a case for UniGov in today’s Dayton Daily News.

He’s dead on, except at this point, this amounts to kicking a dead horse:

Ohio also doesn’t need its 700 “special district” governments, such as port authorities and fire, park, etc., districts. All that brush just hides which typically unelected folks caused which mess.

• Ohio doesn’t need horse-and-buggy counties and should require (not just allow) each county’s voters to simplify its government. Cuyahoga County is the poster child, but 87 others are antiques, too.

It’s ridiculous to elect coroners and engineers and sheriffs. Each county should elect a legislative body by districts (whether legislators are called “commissioner” or “councilor” or “exalted floorwalker of the first chop”); elect one countywide executive; and elect a prosecuting attorney. That’s it.

via Thomas Suddes: Ohio has too many school districts, government entities.

I’ve had this copy of Dayton USA for a while, it’s from April 1967- and one of the cover stories is “How Do You Spell Modern Government?” Where Peter Dayton makes the case for UniGov.

He points out the stupidity of 25 different fire and police chiefs and says “Our only reason for residing in this area is that Dayton is a business, manufacturing, financial center. And no matter where we live, we depend on its health for our livelihood.”

Fascinating reading- even 42 years later. It’s a 9.4mb PDF. (I’ve tried to make it as accessible as possible with OCR, but I don’t have time to correct it all) Dayton USA APR 1967 “URB. URG. METRO. How do you spell modern government?”

I have to thank my friend Bill Rain for sending this to me over a year ago. Sorry for holding out so long in sharing it.

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