Today I testify, in the William Pace case

At 2 p.m. today, Mr. William Pace will be in the Montgomery County Court of Appeals asking for his name to be placed on the ballot.
I am being called as a witness, to discuss the actions of the Montgomery County Board of Elections, which have been described and reported on this site in these posts:

It will be interesting to see if the “Dayton News” organizations will see fit to cover this case.

They have been notified thanks to this post. (I know you all read me, I understand IP addresses).

What will be more interesting, should the court decide in Mr. Paces favor, is that if any criminal investigation is conducted of the BOE for their meddling in election outcomes. It’s a 5th degree felony to tamper with the petitions, it should be an even higher degree of felony for tampering with elections.

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Dr. Funkenstein
Dr. Funkenstein

The BOE has a long standing policy of giving preferred D and R candidates special treatment on petitions.  As far as getting a long overdue investigation of the BOE, especially Director Harshman, I don’t know if it will ever happen.  The sheriff dropped the provisional ballot investigation on purpose so the would be no story about 600+ voters not getting full ballots to protect the BOE. The director stole over $100,000 worth of electronic voting machines on his own and there are at least 6 people (Tipps, Hibner, Tully, Lupia, Thomasson) that have info on it and nothing happens.  I don’t see this Pace case going anywhere.


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