To the Dayton Area Stonewall Democrats

Dear Stonewall Democrats,
Thank you for writing to tell me that based on your last meeting, you will not endorse me.
I’m sure that without your political muscle, my campaign is doomed.
There are three seats open on the Dayton City Commission.
Of the three, two voted for the anti-discrimination law, Nan Whaley and Rhine McLin.
Joey Williams abstained. My commentary at the time was pretty clear:
News Flash: Spineless species of man discovered.

So, by not endorsing me, the Stonewall Dems- more like hedgerow Dems if you ask me, must be either endorsing Williams, or being as spineless as he was- and abstaining from making a stand.

It was so nice for you to say “we hope you remain active in our Dayton community, and continue to show support for Dayton and Miami Valley LGBT citizens.”

However, from here on out, thanks to your spinelessness,  you’ve lost any credibility with me.


David Esrati

The group is run by Tony Ballis, who used to be the executive director of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. This means he’s already perfectly OK with the party’s methodology of endorsing in private and excluding people who refuse to play the party way.

If you consider yourself eligible to be a member of this organization- feel free to write him and ask why they aren’t endorsing me?

Here’s his e-mail: [email protected] Tell him Esrati sent you.

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