Time to sell gas guzzling trucks to OPEC countries

There are people who can still buy gas for under $2 a gallon- they’ve got it coming out of the ground. The solution for GM is to start exporting all the Hummers, TrailBlazers and Escalades to sell in UAE and Saudi Arabia. With the weak dollar, cheap gas and empty tankers going back every day- we just need to figure out how to fit the trucks in the tankers….

Instead- we’ve got local officials spending their time, on our dollar, trying to tell GM how to run their business:

The General Motors Corp.’s Moraine plant took another step towards the end of the line Monday, when officials announced that they will eliminate the second shift starting Sept. 29.

The decision will cut about 1,000 hourly, salaried and temporary employees from the payroll, said Jessica Peck, a plant spokesman, leaving about 1,400 workers left.

Montgomery County Commissioner Judy Dodge, co-chair of the GM Task Force, said the cuts are a surprise and officials did not expect the ax to fall this quickly after GM (NYSE:GM) announced in June the Moraine plant would close in 2010.

“Not this soon, we had heard from the rumor mill it would be the first of the year,” she said. “Was it quicker than we would have liked? Heck yes.”

GM to cut second shift at Moraine, costing 1,000 jobs – Dayton Business Journal:.

If we hadn’t provided so much corporate welfare to GM over the years with tax breaks, TIFF’s and other ways to funnel our tax dollars back to the biggest companies- maybe GM would have had to be more competitive.

In the mean time- how much is it to open a Hummer franchise in Abu Dabi?

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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

It is sad, but it was inevitable as the writing has been on the wall for the last 10 years, at least to people that read something other than the DDN. The Dayton Regional Leadership better get there shit together or this area is going to decline more than it is. The cycle is going to get worse as the pressure of rising prices, lack of employment and declining social safety net will drive the crime rate higher. Thank God that Dayton has such great social stratification, so that the most desperate live together and will prey on each other before traveling to our unblemished suburbs to practice malevolence.

The demand destruction is finally occurring in America, with more poverty as the result, at least for now. Just be glad we are not in Pakistan as that country is really paying the price for increasing energy prices.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

PS – I think I bet the Under on the 2009 and also do not hope that the Abu Dabi’s buy your Hummer. We should melt them into rails instead of shipping them overseas as that contributes to the Export Land Model, where by, energy consumption increases so much in energy producing nations that they no longer export to anyone, especially the US.

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