Time to remove the directors of the Montgomery County Board of Elections

It’s a simple public records request: Give us an agenda that actually informs the public of what you are going to discuss at your meetings.

Can you imagine if the School Board or the City or County Commission sent out a clone of their agenda every week that looked like this?

We’re going to meet at this date and time.

We’ll call to order.

We’ll pledge allegiance.

We’ll approve the last minutes (without attaching them)

We’ll approve current bills (2022-2) (again- without attaching them).

We’ll vote on some things (we won’t tell you what they are)

We’ll vote on some RFP to outsource (without telling you anything).

We’ll give you an update on something and something else.

We’ll make comments.

We’ll let the public talk.

We’ll adjourn- then announce our next meeting.

This has been the same form that the Montgomery County Board of Elections releases by E-mail- one business day before every meeting.Today I asked that they provide details on:

Candidate Petitions for May 3, 2022 Primary Election (2022-3)
1. Petitions that Appear Valid
2. Petitions that Appear Questionable
3. Petitions that Appear Invalid

They are supposed to respond that they received it, and when they will comply.

Ohio Codes no longer online?

Apparently, we no longer have our laws online

Instead, they are now referring me to the County Prosecutor because I said I’d file in Court to force them to comply with the Ohio Sunshine Laws.
Normally, I’d link to the Ohio Revised Code 121.22, but in his infinite wisdom, the Ohio Attorney General seems to have annihilated the site.


Update: the State got back to me : “Hello, we are having temporary technical issues with the Codes site currently. We hope to have it back up today.”

The Code says: (A reader provided a link to a privatized site with the code: https://law.onecle.com/ohio/title-1/121.22.html )

(F) Every public body, by rule, shall establish a reasonable method whereby any person may determine the time and place of all regularly scheduled meetings and the time, place, and purpose of all special meetings. A public body shall not hold a special meeting unless it gives at least twenty-four hours’ advance notice to the news media that have requested notification, except in the event of an emergency requiring immediate official action. In the event of an emergency, the member or members calling the meeting shall notify the news media that have requested notification immediately of the time, place, and purpose of the meeting.

The rule shall provide that any person, upon request and payment of a reasonable fee, may obtain reasonable advance notification of all meetings at which any specific type of public business is to be discussed. Provisions for advance notification may include, but are not limited to, mailing the agenda of meetings to all subscribers on a mailing list or mailing notices in self-addressed, stamped envelopes provided by the person.

Is it too much to expect an agenda to actually inform the public?

Is it too much for the political appointees to do their job?

The reality is, Jeff Rezabeck (R) and Sarah Greathouse (D) are paid a lot of money to be trusted to server dems, republicans and the majority of you that can’t stand either party. They are political patronage job holders, who we don’t elect, the elected members of the Democratic Party Central Committee didn’t select- and they hire the friends and family of the parties they work for.

It’s time to take the Boards of Elections out of the hands of the political parties and put them under a “Chief Ethics Officer” who is elected in each county to represent the people in their fight to demand accountability from government.
They have told me someone from the prosecutors office will call me.

I’m waiting- but, I’ll file to have them fined, and possibly removed from office before their meeting on Monday at 3 if they don’t give us 24 hours notice of what they are going to actually vote on.

The worthless agenda:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://esrati.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Agenda-2.14.22.pdf” title=”Montgomery County Board of Elections Agenda 2.14.22″]



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