Time to learn something-

You’ve been reading this site forever-

you don’t comment-

you think you have to come here via your bookmark- everyday to see if something is new (you haven’t discovered the joy of RSS yet)

and- you feel like your kids know more about the Internet than you do.

Well- Wednesday June 27 is your lucky day- you can come to the websitetology seminar all day for $79 and learn everything you need to know to run a site- or just come in the morning for $49, to learn how the Internet works- and how to make it work for you.

Click here to sign up:  http://websitetology.com/?page_id=7

And- you can always throw stones at the teacher (me).

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3 Comments on "Time to learn something-"

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cool! glad u let me know to bring stones! ;)

The Dame

The throwing stones part … makes it absolutely worth the fee.

Teri Lussier

Damn. Now I feel ripped off. As helpful as your class was when I took it, yes folks, it’s worth it and I’m still generating ideas from it btw- you made no mention of the stones. You must have updated the curriculum.