Throwing good money after good.

The State of Ohio offered GM $56 million dollars to keep Moraine General Assembly (the truck plant) open. Luckily, even as stupid as the GM leadership is, they turned the State down. 2,400 GM workers and thousands of others who support the plant will lose their jobs. Yes, it sucks.

But, why invest in yesterday?

$56 million could open up a plant building scooters in the USA- two wheels and a small motor of gas sipping, OPEC flipping off, commuting fun. That’s right- scooters. If just 10% of the population of the US traded in their SUV’s for scooters for the ride to and from work- just a few days a week, we’d be able to turn off the spigot of oil dependence. Higher MPG fleet standards for cars won’t do it. Scooters will. They’ll also take up less parking spaces, do less damage to roads and bridges, and at least the people on scooters won’t be driving and texting (hopefully).

And since the plant is so big, and scooters aren’t that hard to make- the rest of it can start making light rail train cars which could also help in the fight against our dependence on fossil fuels.

If Ohio wants to lead, grow jobs, and start seeing economic and population growth, we need to be looking forward with our investments instead of backward. We need to back companies that do see the writing on the wall, instead of ignoring it for years, and we need to say goodbye to GM, which for years, has done little to integrate itself into our local economy other than bleed it to death slowly with one plant closing after another.

Barack Obama pledged to cut our dependence on foreign oil in a decade. This is the first step to how we do it.

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