The Sheriff and the DDN flunk math

The continuing saga of the “appraisers” hired by the Sheriff, paid by the banks, and handed out as patronage jobs continues.

And now, according to the paper, we know Phil Plummer isn’t crooked, because he won’t hire his sister back- and know for sure that no one can do math in the Sheriff’s office:

Chief Deputy Mike Nolan estimates that the appraisers spend three to five hours on a job, although Plummer said some have said they can do it in 90 minutes to two hours.

Despite the number of work hours that would mean for the appraisers, who typically handled about 1,400 to 1,600 cases year, Plummer said he believes they are doing a thorough, accurate job.

via Sheriff says sister won’t work as an appraiser regardless of ruling.

Do the math- 1,400 cases, 2 hours each (best case), equals 2,800 hours: divide by 8 hours in a working day- and you have these people working 350 days a year! Never mind some take longer- and, one of the appraisers has a full-time job as the Chaminade Julienne Athletic Director.

In those 2 hours, they are supposed to make a site visit, enter the property, compare it to others around it, take pictures, fill out paperwork- for $85. Oh yeah, and we don’t know who authorized that amount:

Also on Wednesday, Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Administrative Judge Barbara P. Gorman, said a court committee will study the minimum fees paid to the appraisers. The court is examining how the appraisers came to be paid $85 per property when the court in 1996 set the amount at $60. The court, clerk of courts and sheriff’s offices are searching records to determine who authorized the higher payments but none have been found.

If you wonder how they appraise all of our homes for tax purposes every six years- and wonder where they come up with the numbers- well, now we’re starting to see how screwed up this whole process has been. There is plenty of blame to go around on this mortgage crisis, and the Sheriff is just the local part of the cluster-duck.

It’s time for the Sheriff to be investigated, not for hiring his buddies, but explaining how he paid people to either work 350 days a year, or not really do appraisals at all.

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