The secret plan for Cliburn Manor exposed?

It seems everyone has ideas, but we’re all shooting off on our own little disconnected soapboxes. That’s part of what is going to try to achieve- a place for us all to gather our collective ideas.

In the meantime, today I uncovered 2 new blogs- For the love of Dayton, and Daytonology. I’m sorry if I’m a little slow at this, I didn’t really apply for the job.

So- interestingly enough, there is a “plan” to demolish a whole “blighted” part of our neighborhood- and turn it into an “Urban park” – go take a look:

Daytonology: Cyburn Manor to Urban Park
A not-so-modest proposal to improve South Parks boundaries, remove public housing, clear out blight, and provide a big urban landscape park.

Note- releasing ideas like this- before you acquire all the property is partly why the Kroger deal is a disaster.

And, there are some parts of that “blighted” area- that are far from blighted.

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