The right answer to Premier on Good Sam demolition and excavation

The folks who are buying the incumbents way back into office today asked for a $2M favor. Easy to ask after you’ve been funding the “Culture of Corruption” for decades. What’s a few hundred thousand into political pockets in exchange for a $2M get out of having to do the demolition right card?

Premier Health said it has always planned and budgeted for removing spread footers and foundation beneath the Good Sam buildings.

But if deep-drilled piers are discovered, they could cost more than $2 million to remove, Premier said.

Deep-drilled piers would be deep enough to support new structures on the site, reducing the costs of new construction, or they would be so deep that they do not cause any issues, unless the new building is also 10 stories tall, which is not expected, the group said.

The city says it wants more information before deciding whether to grant or deny a waiver. The city has issued a bid request for structural engineering services to evaluate the property, seeking a firm to identify the location and depth of the footings and foundation for the hospital tower and assess their re-usability.

Source: Premier asks to leave Good Sam piers behind – Dayton Daily News

Because Good Sam was a well built building, that never should have been torn down, it’s taking a whole year to demolish. Now, Premier wants to leave the deep pilings in the ground. “Someone might actually need them later”- yeah right.

Here’s the way to do the deal (since the current commission let them tear it down in the first place)- tell Premier you can leave the pilings in the ground if you release the illegal deed restriction against a medical facility on the site. Then, if any other user comes- and doesn’t want to use the pilings, you are still responsible for digging them up. However, if any other medical user comes and wants to build a new hospital, and they want to take the pilings out- it’s on them.

Of course, this deal will be done before January 2 if Shenise and I win. If only one of us wins- guaranteed Premier will get exactly what they want, because Nan will still have two more votes and whoever can count three votes- runs the city.

There is only one thing that Premier might not be counting on- and that’s if the DOJ and the FBI finally getting around to arresting the real perpetrators of the “Culture of Corruption” and the entire Dem party leadership and their patronage cronies get rounded up and charged with corruption and “pay to play.” Wouldn’t hurt if they rounded up the folks with the big money who’ve been willing participants in this racket for decades too.

They didn’t code name the indictments “Operation Demolished Integrity” for nothing after-all.

Nothing is sacred anymore, remember who is our president. Strange things happen these days.

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