The return of Carmen’s Deli

Thanks to the efforts of a whole lot of people, fans of Haitham Iman and his little deli, Carmen’s Deli has signed a 10-year lease in the space at the corner of 2nd and St. Clair in the Kettering tower. The new owner, Albert Macanian of Dunkirk Realty seems to understand how important small businesses on the ground level are- he turned down an offer for more money per square foot from a non-profit that had its eyes on the space.
The best news, is that during the three months it’s going to take to build out the current space, Haitham is going to be able to operate out of the old King Cole/Olivias, Michaels, Mr. Hyman’s rent free- he’ll be open next Wednesday, July 18th, 2012.
Premier Health Partners is even helping out- allowing him to post signs on his former space telling his patrons about the new location.

This was all done with no help from the City of Dayton office of “economic development” or the “Downtown Dayton Partnership”- who would prefer to give away our tax dollars to random businesses or throw parties respectively.

Please make an effort to stop in and see Haitham starting next Wednesday!

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2nd and Jefferson, SW corner.     Congratulations!!

Civil Servants Are People, Too
Civil Servants Are People, Too

That is great news.  I enjoyed my visit to his restaurant and wish him continued success!
Ah, but you couldn’t let it go without bashing public employees.   So you suggest that the City did absolutely nothing to help.  Is that Haitham’s opinion, or your speculation?  Can you back that up with facts?   Did you talk to anyone at the City about it?   What would Mr. Leitzel say about that?
And I’m also very curious about how your community gives grants to “random” businesses.    That sounds like an exciting program.   Do they use a lottery system?     Perhaps a roulette wheel of some sort?   Darts?   Please explain how the money is spent in a random way.
Finally, if Haitham was not lucky enough to win the random grant dart roulette lottery, then what do you believe the City should have been doing to help him, since you claim they did nothing?    It seems that he will be able to successfully relocate his company after all, so what exactly is your beef with the City in this case?
Give me a break.    Prove it or retract it.    There’s enough BS out there already.    I do not think you are doing yourself any favors when you make unfounded accusations.


There’s a simple solution to all of your troubles, David.

Just move. 

Civil Servants Are People, Too
Civil Servants Are People, Too

First of all, I didn’t even mention the DDP so that entire post seems like another excuse to attack someone that you don’t agree with.    Basically, it proves my earlier point.   Thank you very much.
Anyway, if Mr. Haitham truly did not get any support from those either group, then I completely agree that would be an issue of concern for your city.     But it sounds as though Ms. Gudorf disagrees with that assessment.    So perhaps there was some miscommunication between them.    All we have at this point is, at best, a he-said she-said situation, unless there is evidence to the contrary.
As for being random, giving grants to growing businesses it hardly unusual.   I understand that you do not support this practice, but that does not make it random.    Just because you don’t like it, you should not imply that it is being done incorrectly or unprofessionally.   That is my beef here.   
To your question,  I would say supporting a successful company is a good idea, even if you disagree with the tactics.   If a tax break in the short run translates to business growth in the long run, that seems like a good strategy.   We all know that is how the game is played.  
Funny then, that you gripe about not getting the same benefits and then quickly point out the benefits that you received anyway.    If there is something that you need to help your business, perhaps you should ask for it and see what happens.