The real reason Mondays suck in Dayton

Unlike most of you working stiffs- I look forward to going to work every Monday.

What I don’t like is how a bunch of my favorite spots are closed today.

Can’t stop in to Twist Cupcakery to sugar up the troops.

Can’t go to Old Scratch Pizza, Linh’s Bistro, Texas Beef and Cattle, or grab dinner at Corner Kitchen or Roost Italian for eats.

However, when it comes to food, the probable cause is because you can get Buy One Get One pizza from Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory for pick-up on Mondays. Who can compete with that?

My picks? Classic Italian- a white pizza, or the Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch, but, he’s got lots of others.

Still doesn’t solve my Cupcake addiction, but, I hear there’s a new doughnut place on Brown Street that I should check out.

What else is closed on Monday that you really wish wasn’t? Has to be independent, locally owned.




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