The legend of a loser

Every year in Dayton over a hundred innocent people die from gun violence.
There is no party to ease the pain for them. There are no TV cameras, no fundraisers, no monuments. Some of the crimes against humanity don’t even get solved.

Every year, for 10 years, I’ve written a post around the end of July asking for closure to the killing of Sgt. Major North Woodall, a hero of 3 wars, who’s death remains unsolved.

The governor talks about “red flag laws” – everyone has an opinion on gun control, gun registration and “taking my guns” – and blames things like mental health, access to firepower, numbers of cops on the streets, people in prison, drugs and “active shooter drills.”

The whole country is crazy. Last night I sat at a wedding reception with a couple- he’s an anesthesiologist and she’s a teacher. He just bought a Russian SKS at a gun show for $300 (without even showing his drivers license) and wants an AR 15 pistol, just like the douchebag shooter in the Oregon District had. He’s got a gun safe, and will add trigger locks on the weapons inside it when his kid is a little older- his wife just looked uncomfortable with the discussion. I wonder what makes it any more right for him to own weapons of war than the government- or the douchebag (I refuse to glorify him).

The Doctor has no training, no vetting, no supervision, no liability insurance, no requirement for proof of proficiency to own a killing machine- yet, he’s trusted in a hospital to make decisions of life and death daily- with all of those requirements. Bat shit crazy.

Yet, people still regurgitate lines like “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “are you going to outlaw Kool-aide because it killed 900 people”- never realizing that it was cyanide in the Kool-aide, and that a gun without a person won’t kill anyone, but very few people can actually kill someone without a gun. Knifes make it messy- and while cars might be easy- you  at least have insurance on them.

It’s above my pay grade to introduce gun control legislation. I have no voice in the discussion. I’m a hypocrite because I own guns and have a CCW- yet, wish I lived in a gun free America.

Have a party all you want to cleanse our city- and raise money for the Oregon District 9- and the wounded, but, the killing will continue- just without the party, the news cameras, and the fundraising, and the shared fake sense that any of us are truly safe.

In the meantime- hope that you die at the hands of a loser on a rampage, instead of just a normal shooting, it’s like winning the loser lottery.

peace be with you.

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