The “Human Rights violations in Cuba”?

I’m sick of hearing sanctimonious comments about the United States lecturing Cuba on basic human rights.

Cuba has 11.7 million residents.

We have 2.2 million incarcerated- mostly, poor, black or in need of proper mental health care.

We have abject poverty, higher infant mortality, the highest per capita murder rate, no national health care – the list goes on.

We’re a third world nation now.

It’s time we stopped “solving the world’s problems” and started solving our own.

Communism isn’t the enemy. Castro isn’t the enemy.

Unbridled capitalism has failed us in every way.

We’ve got the best government money can buy- and frankly, it’s not worth a crap.

Kudos to President Obama for fixing this farce left over from the fear-mongering of the 1960s.

Now, if Congress would actually do their job and vote on a supreme court nominee. Or do we have to buy them too now?


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