The Friends and Family Shuffle

Unconfirmed, but 99.9% certainty.


31 March 2023 McLain issues a release confirming this story. Remember, you read it here first.

Montgomery County Recorder Brandon McClain is going to become a magistrate in Dayton Municipal court, and leave office early, probably May. The heir apparent (lady in waiting) is to be his deputy, Stacy Benson Taylor who left her solid union job for her unsuccessful run for Dayton City Commission last time out.

McClain, was first appointed to fulfill the unexpired term of former Recorder Willis Blackshear Sr. who died in office. McClain then ran for re-election as an incumbent in 2018 and then again in 2020. McClain has been an associate in Flanagan Lieberman and Rambo Attorneys. Lieberman is Dennis, husband of County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman, and Clayton Councilman for ward 1. He’s the former Dem Party Chair who was ousted by former Dayton Clerk of Courts Mark Owens. Current Dem Party Chair, Mohamed Al-Hamdani serves as a partner as well.

McClain, is one of the few Veterans serving in public office in Montgomery County and was very active in helping veterans make a secure copy of their DD214 in the county building.

County positions are not like Dayton City Commission elected positions that require a special election to fill an open seat, the party gets to choose a successor. Note to those who don’t understand what the party is- in Montgomery County its a majority of the maybe 80 people who show up at a meeting that have been elected as precinct captains. There is never any debate- or open call for applications. These deals are all worked out in a back room.

It’s how Russ Joseph was named Clerk of Courts, and then voted out, and then named Treasurer, and then voted out, and now named to the Board of Elections where he can’t get voted out. Yes, the friends and family plan works for the friends and family- voters be damned.

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