Dayton leads the nation

April 1, 2023 Dayton OH: Results of a large scale, multi-year longitudinal study by Ramapo College’s Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) Center has turned up some fascinating insights that have led to the discovery of a new gene, and it’s high concentration in a few major cities including Chicago, Boston, Salt Lake City, Detroit and Dayton.

The College is one of the first in the nation to offer a major in studying genetic material to be used to solve crime, and came upon these results almost entirely by accident. Dr. Pat Mybak had been given rare access to the DNA results of both and that allowed him to cross-reference both public service employees and elected public officials in the 200 largest cities in America. The data was then anonymized, and geo-located.

If you’ve ever used one of the commercial genetic testing services you can see where your genetic history is geolocated historically in some cases down to very small regions and the percentage of correlation.

Dr. Mybak found such strong correlations in some cities that he was able to identify a new gene, tentatively named NEP-0T-1SM, he is still awaiting a ruling from the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC), an international panel of researchers with exclusive authority over this area.

The study, which was a ancillary to a study on life expectancy of public officials being paid for by a major insurance group looking for actuarial data came as a total surprise. Dr. Mybak’s discovery that some communities have an exponentially higher number of related public officials/public employees than any other cities in the country, led by the smallest city on the list Dayton Ohio.

“The number of relationships was so abnormal, 50% higher than the next city on the list, which was Chicago, that has a much bigger data set, led me to wonder if there was an actual genetic malformation in Dayton” said Dr. Mybak. Upon further study of the genetic material, there seems to be a common genetic mutation that shows up in almost 84.5% of the group. Compared to only 42.0% of the Chicago sample. This means that the hiring and electing of public employees is not random, but a genetic trait that has manifested itself in a new and different way.

When asked to identify what could be causing this emergent genetic trait in Dayton Ohio, Dr. Mybak had said he has teams working on this, and the first two theories were either lasting contamination from the Manhattan Project or possible alien genetic material introduced from Hanger 18 at WPAFB where the government cannot confirm or deny storage of UFO’s and other alien artifacts. Dr. Mybak says it may take longer to figure out the genetic mutations cause, than to further test it by expanding his research to include other countries. “Chicago, Boston and Detroit have long histories of back room dealing, Salt Lake has a very tight gene pool thanks to the prevalence of a single religion, Dayton is the outlier and it’s really hard to understand both the high rate of familial genetic connections and the actual genetic malformation.” The paper and study are due to be published one year from today on April First 2024.

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