The economic impact of snow days

I grew up in Cleveland. Driving in this snow is actually fun for me (and no, I don’t drive an SUV or 4WD vehicle). But, I have to say this: we do a lousy job of clearing the streets in Dayton and there should be no excuse.

Yes, I am well aware of the number of miles in Dayton. But, thats a cop-out. When the going gets tough, the tough get plowing. How could we fix this? Ask a naive 27 year old who works for me: “why don’t they just sit a pot of money aside to hire everyone with a plow to jump in on snow days” he says.

Hmmmm. There’s a creative idea. Or, maybe we should have plow mounts on every SUV the city owns, and train cops, firemen, trash collectors, water meter readers and bureucrats how to plow? How about all the school bus drivers who aren’t working anyway? We need a better sollution


The fact is- while we don’t have hurricanes, floods (anymore- knock on wood), wildfires, drought (yet), wonky electricity or other problems other places have- we do have snow- and not that much of it (this ain’t Buffalo). So when we get hit, we need to have a mobilization plan that works- and here’s why: the economy suffers when people can’t move.

Businesses close, schools can’t do count weeks (an absurd concept thought up by bureaucrats), people can’t get to the hospital as quick, etc. It screws up cash flow for our poorest people, and it makes TV news unwatchable (as well as normal programming- I’m so sick of seeing shows squished on my big screen HD set which I bought just so I could see the “big picture”)

So- where is the leadership in Dayton on this? How many years are we going to let this BS continue? Figure out a better strategy, because we can’t afford a 4 day wait to see plows on our side streets and a week off every time it snows more than 6 inches in 24 hours. Days off mean less tax dollars collected- hell, the county even gave everyone a 2 day extension, this is an investment that pays for itself.
How about a goal for next year: never more than one consecutive snow day. And for the year after- no snow days. How about this as an economic development pitch: our workforce shows up 24/7/365 without the problems you have elsewhere- like wildfires, hurricanes, wonky power….

yeah, that’s economic development.

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