“The Dream” Sportsplex going to Clinton County

It’s unfortunate, but the powers that be in almost every single Montgomery County community couldn’t see past the gruff x-cop with the lack of polish. J.R. Erwin is taking his “Dream” sportsplex, with all of its great public benefits to Clinton County according to County Administrator and Economic Development Director Dr. Mark Brooker.

The $100+ million plan provides for best in class sports facilities to host travel sports teams and to be an integral part of the quality of life in Clinton County. It is being looked at as a public/private partnership, which will create jobs and opportunities for a community that has been kicked in the ass by a multinational corporation (DHL). After giving away the farm in the way of tax abatements, and “economic development” that was nothing more than corporate welfare, Wilmington and the County have learned their lesson and focused on investments that benefit their citizens instead of shareholders.

In the meantime, we’re still building interchanges to undeveloped property at Austin Pike, to incentivize sprawl. Montgomery County Development head, Joe Tuss refused to meet with J.R. State Rep Peggy Lehner laughed about my trying to explain the ways of the “boys in the back room” that shut J.R. out, while rolling out the welcome mat to Randy Gunlock et. al.

I tried to get the Dayton Daily News to write a story about J. R. and his plan to no avail. Maybe now, he’ll get some coverage.

His concept is strikingly similar to my “Dayton Sportsplex” concept that I’ve been talking about for the Parkside Homes location for the last 10 years. Luckily, I believe that having one in Dayton and one in Wilmington would make the area much more attractive to potential employers and that these types of projects add more to site selection than any amount of tax abatement/corporate welfare “economic development” programs ever will.

Congratulations J.R.

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