The Dem slate card is being delivered

Started seeing the Montgomery County Democratic Party slate cards on doorsteps. They call it the “2009 Election Report” and it says “Dayton: Ready for Lift-off.”

However, the two issues on it have me wondering what’s wrong with the party and the people who let their name go on this piece of trash. It endorses “Issue 3” “-Casinos” and says to “Vote FOR Issue 40- Dayton Metro Library”- however, it doesn’t mention or support Metroparks.

I guess handing a monopoly over to Penn National is more important than our amazing park system. That just plain sucks.

Also, they tout Tech Town and mention some of the partners on the front of the piece. I’m sorry, but Qbase isn’t a company that I would want to be associated with either. Besides sucking tax dollars for providing jobs that never materialized, employees have been forced to donate to politicians including Congressman Steve Austria and Governor Ted Strickland. How Qbase, a Greene County business, has anything to do with Dayton is beyond me.

Slate cards are for sheep. I hope voters are smarter than following a “sample ballot” and actually think before voting.

If I could raise another $600 and have volunteers to stand outside polling places- I’d put together a slate card for intelligent voters- it wouldn’t include endorsing constitutional amendments that aren’t in your best interest, or include candidates who are accepting huge checks from questionable sources.

I’ll scan it and post the pdf tomorrow. Democratic Party Slate card”Dems slate card pdf

I wonder what Metroparks did that got them the cold shoulder? Or maybe they didn’t pay off the party like they are supposed to?

UPDATE: 26 OCT reliable sources tell me the original ask was $10K to be on the piece, Metroparks counter offered with $2500 and may or may not have paid, we’ll look at their campaign finance filings later today. However, Metroparks was left off.

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