The Dayton Revival: go before it’s gone

Matt Luongo at the Dayton Revival

Matt Luongo, visionary, hero, concert promoter, at his brainchild, the Downtown Revival in Dayton OH Sep 8, 2012

If you stay home today, and don’t come out to see:18 bands on three stages downtown for $44 (new one day pass rate) you:

  • Don’t love music
  • Don’t know a great deal when you see one
  • Can’t ever complain that there’s nothing to do in Dayton ever again.

The Dayton Revival is here.

I spent most of yesterday checking out bands I’d never seen before and having an awesome time. And the band I loved the most- “Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk” – which rocked my world. I think their drummer, Nikki Glaspie, may be one of the best rock and roll drummers I’ve ever seen- like a metronome with a kick like Chuck Norris and the moves of James Brown. I could have listened to them all day- and before this festival- I’d never heard of them.

Today you can hear:

I’ve wanted to see the Ohio Players since they were topping the charts when I was in High School- but, I also remember using Shazam to find out I really liked Karl Denson- and I’ve also heard that Heartless Bastards are amazing (but I’ve got my kids football game to see- so I’m missing it).

All of this wonderfullness didn’t come from the Downtown Dayton Partnership who is doing Urban Nights next Friday night – for my 50th birthday, or from the Dayton Development Coalition or Cityfolk (which has spoiled us for years with their festival which runs three days and was free or with a suggested $5 donation). It’s all because one crazy guy, Matt Luongo had the crazy idea that just because Austin has SXSW- Dayton can’t have something like it. He’s done an amazing job- and, unless a lot of you jump on that recently announced one-day $44 pass, he’s probably going to lose money. If you want to see this return- time to whip out the cash. As to the people who say that the $75 2-day pass was too expensive- it works out to about $2 a band- and some of them, like last nights headliner- John Legend, would easily cost you more than $45 just to see him- so quit yer bitchen. The weather is perfect- and the parking is easy and free in multiple garages downtown as well as at any parking meter.

There are also a ton of food vendors waiting to serve you- including some from local restaurants like my faves Taqueria Mixteca and South Park’s number 1 coffee shop Ghostlight Coffee.

Please support Matt and our city- come on down for a good time. Advice: bring sunscreen, a folding chair, water bottles. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a jacket for later because it will get cool, wear a hat, be prepared for a great time.

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