The Dayton Development Coalition is listening to

Back on Feb 18th I suggested the Dayton Development Coalition put together a bid for Google Fiber to come to Dayton.

Today they launched another “Real Art” production (from the folks that brought you Qbase, Get Midwest, H2OH! and that “wonderful” Dayton Region Rally) the site, get this,

From the Dayton Daily:

“We’re really excited you thought about us for your new fiber network,” the site,, says on its front page. “And, while we haven’t renamed any of our communities or children after you, it doesn’t mean we love you any less. We’ve just been a little busy. Busy getting things done, which is what we like to do around here.”

The site presents Dayton-area demographics, inviting Google to view the city in line with average American demographics and yet cutting-edge, a home to innovations such as radio frequency identification, materials science, advanced sensor technologies and more.

via Dayton trying to woo Google for high-speed, broadband network.

And while it’s great that they are making the bid- if you are going to showcase Dayton by stats to Google- wouldn’t it make sense to use Google’s amazing tools for doing that kind of analysis? Check out the Google Public Data explorer.

Of course, we at the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show are dying for fiber- so we can upload our video at faster than a snail on qualudes pace. With fiber- we could actually broadcast live. Bringing you the things that make you think – even faster.

We do encourage you to go sign up on their site- and they ask for videos- so we uploaded today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show- we’ll see if they display it. But, you can watch it now- along with Sergey Brin over at the Googleplex.

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David Lauri

Daytonians who want Google to bring high-speed broadband to our fair city might hope that Sergey Brin doesn’t see this video entitled, “Please Sergei!” I know that making comments about typos on (e.g., the ubiquitous use of “it’s” as the possessive form of “it”) is verboten, but a cardinal rule when asking someone for something (a job, money, an endorsement, etc.) is to spell the person’s name correctly.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

My fault…. I

Allison’s also spelled wrong in the last sentence of the post.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Hey David, Why don’t you allow people to come down to the office to film and submit their videos for Google Fiber.  The coalition should also provide locations to perform this service as well.

Jon Oliver

All spelling errors aside, I’m glad to see that people are advocating this. It may be a long shot, but nerds can dream, can’t they?

Teri Lussier

Average and Awesome.
That thar’s some sexy marketing. Yup.
Dear Google, just because that marketing sucks, doesn’t mean the rest of the city is hopeless. There are passionate people all over this city and G-fiber would help us connect with each other.

Mark W

They could have asked Google to Get Midwest!