The Dayton Day-old News fails again

Yesterday I broke the story of another inmate death in the Montgomery County Jail. It’s sad when an inmate has a longer life expectancy on Death row than in our jail. Yet, despite having my story online at 4:45 yesterday with a Chris Stewart byline– the front page story on today’s print edition was about the new body scanner and how it wasn’t in operation yet. Is the DDn on the Sheriff’s payroll as PR flacks?

Dayton Daily News has incorrect news

Count on the Dayton Day old news to have the story wrong.

In today’s paper, they tell us that the Dayton Public School Board of Education will have a meeting this evening to learn parliamentary procedure. Only problem is- that meeting was cancelled yesterday. Yet- we all know they desperately need the training.

Email sent at 9:53 yesterday morning:

In accordance with Section 3313.16 of the Ohio Revised Code and File: BD of the Handbook of Policies, Rules & Regulations of the Board, I hereby call for a Special Meeting to participate in Parliamentary Training of the Board of Education of the Dayton City School District, Montgomery County, Ohio, to be held in the , located at 115 S. Ludlow Street, Dayton, Ohio 4th floor conference room – Room 4S-415 on Wednesday January 24, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. HAS BEEN CANCELED

From Denise Gum to:

From: Denise Gum To: Les Weller, Adil Baguirov, Brennon Hattery, Robert Shirley, David Romick, Debbie Gunnels, Diane Mendenhall, Libbie Lolli, Greg Spencer, Hiwot Abraha, Jyllian Bradshaw, Jennifer Dennis, Lynne Applegate, LaRae Sweetman, Mario Gallin, Marsha Bonhart, Mary Raines, Robert Buchheim, Rhonda Corr, Roy Hollis, Joni Watson, Randall Harper, Serita Brake, Shelia Burton, Sheila Taylor, Venita Kelley, William Harris, David Esrati, [email protected], Jocelyn Rhynard, John McManus, Joe Lacey, Karen Wick-Gagnet, Mohamed Al-Hamdani, Robert Walker, Hazel Rountree, Markay Winston, Zakiya Sankara-Jabar, [email protected], Ty Alston, Dion Sampson, Ron Lee Cc: William Harris, Debora Wotring, Honey Thompson, Jennifer Bryant, Karen Gildow, Kimberly Lewis, Loise Ferguson, Mikaela Craycraft, Patricia Battle, Robert Walker, Richard Wright, Scott Helton, Sharon Thornton, Tchelandra Lewis, Jill Drury 1/22/18, 9:53 AM [email protected] – Inbox

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