Task force conflict of interest?

A reader pointed out an overlooked relationship.

Dayton City Commissioner Jeff Mims

Dayton City Commissioner Jeff Mims

Dayton City Commissioner Jeff Mims, formerly of the State Board of Education, formerly of the DPS Board of Education is supposed to be the building closing task force co-chair with Mohamed Al-Hamdani who will be seated to the school board tonight.

His daughter, LaDawn Mims-Morrow is the principal of Residence Park Elementary (AKA World of Wonder). It’s one of the schools on the closing list- and gained fame when a 7-year old student was stabbed on the playground during recess. The assailant was never found.

How Mims can serve on a task force where an immediate family member is affected is just one more question this community needs to ask.

Of course, since they want to hold all their meetings in private in violation of the Ohio Sunshine Laws, we won’t be able to ask that question.

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