Wayne Avenue Kroger

No Kroger coming to Wayne and Wyoming

Who says Kroger has to be the only player to put a store at Wayne and Wyoming? This is the press release that the City just issued. City Announces New Strategy for Wayne & Wyoming Redevelopment Project Release Date:   Friday, December12, 2008 Contact:           Shelley Dickstein, Assistant City Manager, 333-3636 Amy Walbridge, Special Projects Administrator, 333-3813 Read More

A butcher, a baker, a fruit and vegetable stand… a walkable community

Tomorrow is the Cliburn Manor tear down ceremony. We have not been clued in to what may go on the site (my guess is MVH already has plans). We’ve seen a drawing of an HBA inspired McCommunity- and the developers of the new Kroger showed us something even more unlikely. But, maybe, we’ll just end Read More

How to build a Kroger on Wayne Avenue- without a fuss

In high-rent districts, grocers find a way to shoe horn a store in at any cost. When it’s not a high-rent district, they scream poverty and ask for city support. What kind of Kroger store could be built- on the current site? Huge, when you build the store at grade and put the parking on Read More

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