wall street bonuses

Cash for clunkers vs Cash for CEOs

The GOP is showing its true colors by rebelling against the “Cash for Clunkers” deal- they only back initiatives that can roll kickbacks their way. The program has proven to be the fastest stimulus to the economy so far, propelling Ford stock up to over $8 a share (It was at $1.58 less than 6 Read More

To Obama- “shameful” or “Criminal”

Steal food from a grocery store to feed your family- go to jail. Steal trillions from the global economy, pay yourself a bonus and the new President calls it “shameful.” Obama told reporters he was outraged by a report of $18.4 billion paid out in Wall Street bonuses, as taxpayer money was being used to Read More

Economic Stimulus the Esrati way

I’ve heard some crazy ideas about sending everyone a check to try to get the economy going. Unfortunately, that’s a short term salve with a hefty bill. A simple solution would require the banks (who’ve gotten us into this credit crunch in the first place) to take a bit of a spanking, but, with the Read More