31 seats of salvation for downtown

Last night I ventured to Cincinnati to see a grade school friend playing at the Blue Wisp jazz club. Before the show we went to what can only be called a hole-in-the-wall restaurant: 31 seats, maybe 6 people working, and a full house of customers. It’s been open less than 6 months, to rave reviews Read More

Cleveland launches Gigabit internet experiment

Case Western Reserve University is stepping to the head of the line in research on the effect super-speed internet will have on communities. This project has been in the works long before Google dangled “Google fiber” out there and Dayton responded with the www.averageandawesome.com website (where if you haven’t registered- please do). From the Cleveland.com Read More

Half million in tax money to Teradata?

While the taxpayers of Montgomery County are being told to expect less in the way of services, are facing price hikes in fees and are watching public infrastructure budgets be cut, we’re still be asked to contribute half a million dollars to Teradata so they can walk out of one lease, leave an empty building Read More

Breaking: Teradata to move to Austin Pike

A Teradata employee confirmed my rumor tweet last night: “Yes, apparently so!  We just heard this week.  The plan is to move by the end of the year but I don’t believe they have started the building yet!” What the county promised wouldn’t happen- the cannibalization of existing business to the new “mecca” at Austin Read More

Let’s send the Dayton sound global: marketing we can afford.

The Dayton Daily News finally called the Dayton Development Coalition marketing inept after their two high profile failures: The $900k “Get Midwest” campaign that made a lot of money for Congressman Turner and his wife- and this week’s “Dayton Region Rally” which was more like a college lecture. What we need to do is put Read More

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