Tea Party

Tonight on the campaign trail: Montgomery County Dems and a Fayette County forum

Tonight, the Montgomery County Democratic Party will do what amounts to an undemocratic thing: they will screen the congressional candidates and possibly give an endorsement. I always thought that we had primaries to do this, but I should know by now, the Montgomery County Dems depend on a large number of voters who call in Read More

The fall of the Montgomery County Republican Party?

Too many sources have been whispering in my ear to let this one go by without mention: The days of Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Greg Gantt are coming to an end with a coming takeover by the Tea Party – led by Rob Scott. The party offices are to be no more- at least Read More

Would you recognize the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution if you saw it?

Even in this hyper-connected, instant-on, information-overloaded world we live in, the ability to identify what is truly important isn’t something we’re built to do. Don’t believe me? Google was created to sort through all the dreck and come up with a top-ten list, and often times it can’t do it either (and it made people Read More