Supreme Court

Residency and stupidity

If Commissioner Whaley was really doing business when she conducted her “survey” of police and fire employees about residency, why didn’t she do it through official channels? Hopefully, the City of Dayton does have e-mail? Telephone surveys are so last century to begin with. Here are the pertinent parts of the Dayton Daily News article Read More

Civil service testing reviewed by Supreme Court

Listening to “Morning Edition”  on NPR the other day, I heard about problems New Haven, Connecticut, was having with their fire department’s  civil service testing process. Sounded just like Dayton. I highly recommend clicking over and reading the whole story- but here is the part that was interesting to me: The brief also argues that Read More

So much for just the “liberal media”- Colin Powell endorses Obama

If you only watch one YouTube video endorsement of a candidate this season, this is the one to watch. In a measured, reasoned and well thought out series of answers, Colin Powell puts the smackdown on the direction of John McCain and the Republican party. He flat out says that Sarah Palin isn’t fit to Read More

Congressional smoke and mirrors- or why Steroids in Baseball are more important than honest financial reporting by Corporations

This morning my blood boiled. Listening to NPR I heard about Congress “investigating” steroids in baseball, while the Supreme Court basically said it’s perfectly OK to help cook books, and not face going to jail, directly to jail, without passing go or collecting $200. What’s even scarier, is Congress won’t try to overrule the court, Read More

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