Old school ways vs the new way- are we better off?

This is not an indictment of Officers Simmons or Stimmel, but a question of our methodology today, vs the methodology of days gone by. I was struck by the honesty of this “exit interview” in the paper today. Two of Dayton’s finest from the “Good old day” generation are retiring. In it- they mention the Read More

Human rights begin at home

Call me a communist sympathizer, but, I think the Chinese may have a point: China Attacks US Human Rights Record The report concluded the U.S. human rights records is “best described as tattered and shocking.” It cited an FBI report on crime statistics in the U.S. released last year that showed violent crime had increased Read More

Charlie’s Imports takes the right stand: a look at real economic development issues

A couple of months ago I introduced Wright State University President David Hopkins to one of Dayton’s true gems: Charlies Imports on Troy Street. Hopkins couldn’t get over how the place reminded him of his working class neighborhood in Elyria Ohio where he grew up. The food is also amazing and relatively inexpensive. Rod Vangas Read More