Presidential race 2008

It’s raw, it’s unfiltered, it’s

A new blog to watch in Dayton, from the man Ellen Belcher loves to hate more than me: Mike Robinette, former director of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and community activist. One of his first posts was about what he overheard at the Oakwood club before the debate last night: Sitting at the bar Read More

What would a true third party candidate say in a debate?

Watching last night’s debate, I was pretty sure that other than McCain’s lack of poise when listening to Obama- that the undecided wouldn’t be energized one way or another. With the polls being as close as they have been, I’d say neither side can declare a victory. But- or course, both sides think their guy Read More

Another meaningless debate

I just watched the Obama/Clinton debate and came away wondering if there was anything said worth hearing. I must admit, Hillary wins as a stand-up comedienne, with a few good quips. And the “how would you use George W. Bush as a statesman” question was an open door that neither took. Yet, I was hoping Read More