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In Dayton, it’s impossible to recall the mayor or commission

Mayor Gary Leitzell brought this up to the commission after I pointed out the problem with the commission. They did nothing. I also suggested changing the petition forms- since we seem to have so many failed applications. They did nothing. Finally- today (after the election fiasco- where nobody voted) they point it out: Dayton would Read More

Complex election rules, rule out the will of the people

The city wants it on the ballot, the people want it on the ballot, but- oh, wait, everything you did was in vain, because you missed the deadline. Really? People went and jumped through the hoops of getting the proper petition language, collecting signatures, turning everything in- but, now have to wait a year? This Read More

SB5 won’t save you- revisit the Northwest Ordinance first

In their infinite wisdom and pursuit of non-problems, the Ohio House and Senate have now used draconian measures, SB5, to do something that could have been quite simple: all they had to do was outlaw union dues going to political efforts. Of course, maybe if they outlawed corporations from political efforts too- we’d really get Read More

The outcome on the test case on petitions for Independents

Last June, I reported on a lawsuit you didn’t hear about in the Dayton Daily News.  Unfortunately- I didn’t follow up and post the outcome of the suit either, which I’m about to rectify. Here’s a bit of what I wrote then: C. Ralph Wilcoxson, II may be one of my new personal heroes. A Read More

On “blasting” the BOE

The Dayton Daily had me blasting BOE officials for the incorrect list of registered voters- which is only a partial truth- the BOE is doing what it is required to do by law- keep names on the registration rolls for years. The problems occur when the City Charter rules for petitioning government are based on Read More

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