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Riordan’s listening tour comes to South Park

We had the city manager and the Mayor come to South Park tonight as part of their budget presentation/listening tour. On my way in Dean Lovelace called to me from a car- and asked where the meeting was- I pointed him to our parking lot and helped him walk in. Tim Riordan is a finance Read More

Dayton’s missing metric: delivery of customer service

After a writing a blog for long enough, some things just start to write themselves for you. This post is based on comments on the site and a discussion I had with a senior city staff person- and both come back to a recurring theme of my trials and tribulations with Dayton City Hall going Read More

Put on your thinking caps: Population density decrease + land expansion = disaster

MVRPC has its “regional land use planning initiative” in full planning force. However it’s kinda like fixing the fence after the cows left the pasture. The Kettering Oakwood Times has a really long (by DDN standards) article by Paul Collins about the changes the region has gone through and how we ended up in this Read More

Dayton Trash Fees going up: Commission thinks DOH! is an answer.

Anytime you see “emergency ordinance” take a second look. Most of the time it means either: the commission is made up of idiots who didn’t see something coming, or they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. In this case- both. And, it’s our first Gary Leitzell no vote- with no real solution Read More

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