Mayor Gary Leitzell

What the big money in the Dayton “primary” meant

Since the campaign finance reports rolled out, I’ve held back from analyzing or discussing them, because, frankly, it’s poor form to talk poorly about someone right after the funeral. That someone is democracy, and if this is a harbinger of the future of Dayton politics, we may as well just stop having elections and auction Read More

How much is a Dayton City Commissioner overpaid?

Kettering recently put a charter change on their ballot (something Daytonians would find nearly impossible because the charter requires a percentage of registered voters instead of a percentage of voters in the last election) and cut their council members salary in half. Well folks, I’ve got news for you- cut Dayton City Commissioners salary in Read More

People come before bricks and mortar

When my firm, The Next Wave, made “South Park Soliloquy” back in 1996, it wasn’t about the historic homes in South Park- it was a story about the people and the neighborhood. It actually took some convincing the neighborhood that this was the real story. The use of “Buckwheat Zydeco” for soundtrack was also questioned- Read More

A Dayton Streetlight Tax: because the Dayton City Commission can’t do its job

Now we have the Dayton City Commission about to shift the cost of lighting the streets to the property owners in Dayton because it has been so busy giving away the store that there’s no money left for basic services: The City Commission will vote next Wednesday on a streetlight assessment that will affect just Read More

Why neighborhood presidents are more important than a mayor

Tomorrow we swear in a neighborhood president as mayor of Dayton. In terms of his ability to effect change in his area of responsibility, he’ll find he just took a demotion. Now, he’ll have to get two of four people to agree with him- and their constituencies- which include a myriad of political backers with Read More