No one cares who is Lt. Governor of Ohio. Sharen Neuhardt goes for her third strike.

While political pundits are all in a tizzy right now about Ed Fitzgerald naming Dayton lawyer Sharen Neuhardt as his running mate, let’s be honest, no one in Ohio cares who the lieutenant governor is, nor do they even know who it is right now. Try asking your friends. In fact, I’d be impressed if they could name more than two lieutenant governors. (the answer is Mary Taylor).

If the election were three years ago, after Kasich got his rear-end kicked on Senate Bill 5 (the anti-union/collective bargaining bill), Howdy Doody could have run against Kasich and won. Three years later, unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Kasich has managed to piss off both parties- which actually is a good thing for his reelection chances. The reality of course is that as long as Ohio remains gerrymandered, the likelihood of a Dem governor actually doing anything with a Republican-dominated legislature is slim and none.

While Neuhardt may be able to raise some money for Fitzgerald, her value on the campaign trail is nil. She may give the worst candidate stump speech I’ve ever heard (and after running in elections for 20 years- I’ve heard some really bad ones). Don’t expect Fitzgerald to get a bump at the polls for adding her to his ticket- nor, expect her to do anything if she has to debate Mary Taylor.

The visits to jumped yesterday and today- since there is more online about Sharen Neuhardt here than anywhere else on the web. Unfortunately, not much is positive. Her own site was taken down recently- as noted by the Plain Dealer political reporter. I’m not sure she’s that much better a choice than Eric Kearny, looking at the FEC site– she still has $106,734.92 in campaign debt from her 2012 run. The videos I made of Sharen on the campaign trail are still on YouTube- and you can see how ineffective she is on the stump.

This is about how much she was in the hole from her 2008 race against Steve Austria that she also lost big.

Although he’s not thrown his hat in the ring, Dennis Kucinich would be better suited to run against Kasich.

My prediction for this team vs. Kasich- lose by 20. 10 if they are lucky.



Seth Morgan still believes in the people

Seth Morgan, R., Huber Heights, and I don’t agree on much politically- but right now, he’s my hero. When Mary Taylor hooked her political future on the John Kasich for Governor band wagon, it left an opening for State Auditor. Rep. Morgan thought he was qualified to do the job and announced his intention to run.

However, he didn’t genuflect to State Republican Party Chair, Kevin DeWine- who decided for the people that David Yost should be the candidate for Auditor- without a primary.

Horsehockey. It’s not up to the party bosses on who should run, not run- had that been the case Barack Obama wouldn’t be president right now. This asking permission to run in a primary should be banished- in fact, people who stand in the way of letting people run should be charged with obstructing justice. It’s gotten to be status quo in Dayton- where people are actually threatened for running against “the favored ones.” Note- Gary Leitzell didn’t ask permission to run against Mayor McLin either- and look what happened. Had the Democratic party not shooed other Dems away – we may have had two candidates to chose from- and neither named McLin.

DeWine even makes a veiled threat of potential retaliation against Morgan:

“I think Seth could have a bright future in our party if he makes the right decisions,” Kevin DeWine said in an e-mail. “He’s a politically ambitious young man and sometimes that desire to climb the political ladder can make you do things you end up regretting.”

via Rep. Morgan to buck state GOP in race for auditor.

Most voters have no clue about how the parties pick their candidates. I’ve mocked the Montgomery County Democratic Party for years for its selection of their “screening committee” who always asks as a first question “If we don’t endorse you will you still run?”

What happened to the voice of the people?

If you are as disgusted with the lack of candidates and the same old faces running again and again (often unopposed) and are a Democrat- this Thursday (Feb. 18, 2010, at 4pm) is the deadline to put your name on the ballot for Central Committee membership. It requires ZERO signatures- just turn the form in to the Board of Elections and your name will appear on the ballot in your precinct. Currently it’s hard to tell who represents what – since they just cut the number of precincts by about 200– but, if you fill the seat where you live- it’s one less that the party can appoint. You can read more about this on DaytonOS- via Mike Bock:

Hopefully- more people will chose to participate- who won’t believe that preventing people from running- or letting voters decide in primaries- so that democratic elections can take place.

Seth Morgan is taking the lead on this- I say we all applaud him for his initiative. Hopefully- the end of the party bosses picking your candidates in back rooms is about to end.