Lori Ward

You’re fired

To the Republican senators who refuse to do their job and vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick B. Garland, you’re fired. Typically, people who refuse to do the job they are supposed to do- get fired, at least in the private sector. In the public sector- not so much. Right now, more than Read More

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in Dayton Public Schools

Gee thanks Dayton Board of Education. It’s been about a month since you decided not to renew the contracts of Superintendent Lori Ward and Treasurer Craig Jones. Usually, bold moves like that have the next step of hiring a replacement. In an organization that’s failing as absolutely as yours, this lackadaisical approach to naming the Read More

Dayton School Board doesn’t automatically renew contracts

Starting on Feb. 4, Esrati.com readers have known my position on the Superintendent. And on Saturday, Feb 20, I suggested a plan of action for the school board. Last night, it became official- the contracts weren’t going to be automatically renewed, and there will be negotiations: Dayton’s school board decided Tuesday night not to renew Read More

The hypocrisy of NIMBY laws: Methadone clinics

About a year ago, South Park was up in arms, as were the people at Daybreak and Chaminade Juliane High School. A local doctor wanted to open a Methadone clinic nearby. Quickly, a law was passed at the Statehouse that turned recovering heroin addicts into sex-offenders- placing a 500′ limit from door-to-door from addict to Read More

The physics of education: Geoffrey Canada challenges Dayton

“No one is coming to save your kids. You’re going to have to save your own kids”- Geoffrey Canada speaking at UD to a packed house of people who want answers to how we’re going to teach our kids. Of course, the irony is- that’s why they asked Geoffrey here to speak- to tell us Read More

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