Laptops for students

And for only $10 Billion….

When I was running for Congress, I wanted to supply every student K-12 with a laptop. Besides saving tons of money on obsolete dead tree based textbooks, dead tree testing and dead tree term papers- we would also be raising a generation of technologically prepared workers. But, I was worried about the price tag: about Read More

Laptops for students: Cleveland Heights-University Heights gets it right

I grew up in Cleveland Heights. It was a progressive integrated first ring suburb of Cleveland, home to many college professors, medical professionals and members of the Cleveland Orchestra. When I graduated in 1980 my class was 850 or so, and about 25% of the class was African American. It was a top-performing district, with Read More

If we cared as much about education as football in Ohio

Ohio State just lost another football national championship. Boo-hoo. Maybe it’s a curse. Maybe when the State Legislature gets serious and deals with the un-constitutional school funding system the curse will be lifted. Educating children should come before winning football games. I’d rather live in a State with the best schools in the country, with Read More