Judge AJ Wagner

Montgomery County “Democratic” Party endorses homophobe who wins judgeship

Post this in the better late than never file. Last November, there was a race for Montgomery County Judge of Municipal Court (FTC 1/2/2020) that was very close in a race that shouldn’t have happened. At least if anyone didn’t have amnesia and judges races weren’t so hands off. Tamela Womack squared off against James Read More

How the Monarchy of Montgomery County Works: The AJ Wagner Affair

Rightfully, the outgoing governor, Ted Strickland, overruled Judge AJ Wagner on his retirement reversal- but only after former Montgomery County Democratic Party Chairman Dennis Lieberman stepped in to mediate. The Dayton Daily News even came out against the Crown Prince Wagner in an editorial, but of course will endorse him again when he runs for Read More

How I lost respect for Judge A.J. Wagner

I was collecting signatures door-to-door tonight on Stonemill Road. Lots of city employees over that way. Some very nice people. Then I knocked on Judge AJ Wagner’s door. According to the voter registration list, there are 5 registered voters that live there (and only 2 are named Wagner- does this make it an illegal rooming Read More