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UpDayton Summit 2013- Local hopes and odd prophets

Note: This post is long. It’s a Sunday morning, New York Times Magazine type piece, that tries to bring some of Dayton’s recent development history into perspective compared to what Mayor John Fetterman has done in Braddock, Pa., star of international attention. Please set aside 10 minutes to digest it. Dayton, Ohio, is the capital Read More

Compare Over the Rhine in Cincinnati to Oregon District in Dayton. Any questions?

If you need proof that Dayton needs a change, go down to the Oregon District on Fifth St. The business district. Notice it’s only one street, and about 3 blocks long. Even after Dr. Ervin put his own money up to push the use of more of the buildings, it hasn’t changed that much. Then Read More

Inspector Gotcha at work in Vandalia

Last night we heard both Presidential candidates talk about being pro-small business. What we needed to hear was that if either was elected, “Inspector Gotcha” would be put on America’s Most Wanted List and hunted like Bin Laden. Thanks to Vandalia, we get to see another prime example of stupidity in power: One building code Read More

What it takes to open a small dive in Dayton

Before posting this- I checked in with Kim at Olive, and with Urban Dive- the restaurant-to-be at the corner of Wayne and E. Third Street in the old Wympee building. This building has been a restaurant since 1936- and, only because it was closed, was the city able to start changing the rules. Had a Read More

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