health insurance reform

“Modern medicine” in America- buyer beware

How long would your business last with no printed prices? Can you imagine people going to a McDonald’s and ordering a Big Mac then getting a bill for $300 after you finish eating it? Or, you take your car into the shop for an oil change, and later get a bill for more than the Read More

How to get small business moving, Mr. Immelt?

When did Dayton become the first stop on the bullshit express? We had John McCain go rogue and introduce Sarah Palin as his secret weapon at the Nutter Center- and now, we get a junta of overpaid CEOs from big business trying to figure out how to create jobs via small business: The President’s Council Read More

Let’s factor in personal responsibility to health insurance reform

For all the Republican backlash about “government intervention” in the health insurance industry (not health care- as the two have little in common)- how about we add in some new rules to cut health care costs considerably? These comments from the ultra-conservative David Frum on the September 2nd American Public Radio show Marketplace are right Read More